Lost Pixel
Based in Washington/Minnesota, USA

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We are a team focused on reenergizing neglected gameplay styles with modern design concepts, while also building onto the strengths of open source and moddability to provide deep, community-driven games.


Before Lost Pixel

Starting in 2003, David White took his love of board games and RPGs into creating a strategy/RPG game, The Battle for Wesnoth. Open-source, free of charge and moddable, the simple, yet strategically deep game with one campaign and programmer art gained traction in the Linux community, attracting artists, musicians, campaign creators, and other programmers. Joining in 2004, Richard Kettering started developing his drawing skills and contributing with character sprites. Although originally a programmer, he eventually became lead director of the art team. Through the continued efforts of dozens of developers all around the world, the project boasts a large amount of high-quality user-generated content and an active player base.

Frogatto and Lost Pixel

By 2008, with Wesnoth having a sustainable community and a mature codebase, David started work on Frogatto & Friends, a platforming adventure game for which, from Wesnoth, was enlisted the help of Guido Bos as artist, and also Richard and Ben Anderman as additional programmers. Later on, Ryan Reilly, from the open-source RPG project Hero of Allacrost, joined as a composer. Originally intended to be a strictly freeware open-source game, the growth of the iOS App Store as a viable and accessible platform for the indie gaming community led the team to develop an iOS port alongside the PC version, for which the name "Lost Pixel" was chosen to represent the team, when the game saw its commercial release in 2010.


Live Coding in the Anura engine  YouTube

Anura Engine Source Code
Source code for the Anura engine, in which we develop our games: github.com.

Wesnoth website
The website for the strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth wesnoth.org.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

David White
Lead Developer

Richard Kettering
Lead Artist, Developer

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